Discovery of Data Summer Camp Bundle

The Discovery of Data is packed with 12 engaging, one-hour lessons centered around thrilling interactions with live sensor data. databot, a multi-sensor tool, includes 16 sensors for unlimited STEM explorations. databot is the perfect tool to get students engaged and excited in this leaping, spinning, cavorting whirlwind of a summer camp filled with science, technology and math! Students move like Ninjas, whirl like tops, bend over backwards to do the limbo, and more in this exciting, fun-filled summer camp experience.  Learn more below.

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What’s Included?

The Discovery of Data Summer Camp Bundle includes the camp curriculum, step-by-step instructions, software, and, of course, databots!

Discovery of Data summer camp package - what's included showing databots, packaging and curriculum.

Curriculum (digital download):

  • Instructor Guide
  • Lab/Student Guide

databot Classroom Pack:

  • databot (10)
  • USB Cable (10)
  • External Temperature Probe (10)
  • Lanyard (10)
  • Explorer Pouch (10)


Each Lesson Includes

Each of the twelve included lessons provides a comprehensive guide to success for your Discovery of Data Camp Experience.

  • Curriculum example from databot summer camp!Daily schedule
  • What you will need
  • Background
  • Daily Activities
    • Opening Discussion – Phenomenon Focused
    • PDQ1 & PDQ 2 (Pretty Darn Quick – and fun)
    • Experiment
    • Challenge
    • Closing Discussion
  • Additional Resources
Standards Alignment

Each lesson includes an alignment to NGSS, ISTE, NCTM, and TEKs standards.

Classroom Resources

You will need simple and inexpensive materials such as soda cans, cardboard wheels, tape, plastic bags, magnets, rock salt, containers for mixing are needed.  A list of materials is provided.

For Grades 4 and Up

This camp includes complete instructions for facilitating the daily experiences and will work for a wide range of students. As facilitator,  adjust the activities accordingly based on the age of your group.   Younger students will benefit significantly from live interaction with sensor data and being introduced to collecting and visualizing it. This is a foundation for building strong data literacy.  Older students can easily be challenged at a higher level in the camp experience as well.  Regardless of age, the data games and challenges are fun for all and bring data to life in fascinating ways.

Technical Requirements

For fast and easy  sensor experiments the only technical requirement is to have a smart device (IOS or Android) such as a tablet, smartphone, or Chromebook with Bluetooth to connect to databot™.  Download our free app, Vizeey™, connect to databot, and you’re up and running!

Weight .5625 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 5.5 × 2.6 in

Table of Contents

Discovery of Data Summer Camp

Table of Contents


Limbo dancing student learning about angles.Day 1: So Inclined!

Math and science come together in this extraordinary exploration of angles using the force of gravity as an inclinometer.  Students catch angles, measure with sensors, and dance the limbo!



Girl STEM student studying rotational speed with a gyroscope.Day 2: You Spin Me Round

Spin to win in this gyroscope powered exploration of rotational speed, 3D axes, and some truly dizzying concepts brought to life through tornadoes, spinning games, big wheels and more.

STEM students studying air pressure using an air pressure sensor.Day 3: Under Pressure

Explore the mysteries of air pressure and its impact on everything from bomb cyclones to animal behavior as you calculate the weight of air, etch-a-sketch with volume, and solve a data mystery that ends with a bang!


STEM students racing up a set of stairs to measure changes in altitude based on air pressure changes.Day 4: Up, Up, and Away

Students use an altimeter to explore the remarkable relationship between altitude and air pressure by using Google Earth, running stairs, calculating accuracy, and more. 

STEM students exploring air quality using a VOC sensor.Day 5: Hunting the Wild VOCs

Students take on Indoor Air Quality investigations with the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) sensor!




STEM student analyzing light intensity using a light sensor.Day 6: Lighten Up!

Students investigate the color and intensity of light in this eye opening exploration of the characteristics of light using ambient light and color sensors.



STEM student exploring magnetic fields using a magnetometer.Day 7: Laws of Attraction

Solve the mystery of why opposites attract in this exciting journey through magnetic fields using the databot magnetometer.



STEM students studying humidity and exhaled water vapor using a humidity sensor.Day 8: Mister Moisture

Using the humidity sensor students learn about calibration, moisture in the air, chemical reactions that can extract moisture from the air and more!



STEM students studying acceleration using an accelerometer.Day 9: Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!

Students master 3D cartesian coordinates and the force of acceleration as they match acceleration graphs, leap, twist, hop, and cavort in this highly interactive exploration of the databot accelerometer.



STEM students moving as Ninjas with no acceleration.Day 10: Ninja Physics!

Joust with gravity and acceleration in this thrilling blend of physics and Ninja Training. Can you move with zero acceleration? Can you balance gravity in the palm of your hand? Use the databot accelerometer to find out!

STEM students studying a time of flight sensor using a LASER to measure distance.Day 11: Measurement Madness!

Leaping LASERs! Students explore high-tech measurement methods in this fast paced exploration of the Time of Flight proximity sensor.

STEM students conducting a chemical reaction experiment and studying data on their smart phone.Day: Ready, Set, Reaction!

Reactants, products, and fizzing fun all come together in this databot™ dive into the science behind chemical reactions with temperature and CO2 sensors.


Vizeey™ Smart App

Vizeey™ – Fast & Easy Data Collection, Visualization, and Analysis!

Vizeey display screen with summer camp icons.What is Vizeey?

The databot™ Discovery of Data camp comes with the free app Vizeey™ (IOS, Android, Chromebook) for visualizing, collecting, analyzing, and exporting data. This incredible app makes interacting with live sensor data a snap.  Students will use Vizeey for visualizing and interacting with live data during the Discovery of Data experiences.  Vizeey™ is so easy to use your students will be inspired to explore with data all the time!

Vizeey™ is preconfigured for you and your students to easily capture data from all of the onboard databot™ sensors. Custom experiments for the Discovery of Data Camp have been developed to make data analysis fun and easy for students.  Simply tap an icon and the preconfigured experiment will load, you connect to your databot™  and begin the experiment!



Vizeey data display from several summer camp activities.How Does Vizeey™ Work?

The Vizeey images shown here are from the “You Spin Me Round” lesson. The first image is a gamified challenge in which a student holds databot on the top of their head and tries to turn at a perfect rate of 10 revolutions per minute (RPM).  Prepare for a dizzying challenge!  The second graph displays the RPMs for a Big Wheel challenge and students zoom in on data to determine the maximum speed reached by the wheel.  Awesome and EASY explorations of real data!






Vizeey™ Video Demonstration – 60 Second Setup!


Module #10 – Ninja Physics!

Ninja Physics is an awesome experience in which students explore acceleration and acceleration due to gravity using the databot accelerometer.  Learn more in this 30 second introduction!

Module #4 – Up, Up and Away!

Young STEM student flying a kite with databot attached to determine the bluetooth range.

Module 4 investigates the relationship between air pressure and altitude as students run up and down stairs to determine accuracy, correlate height to air pressure, and more.  Modules all include extensions challenges like this one where students work together to determine the range of their bluetooth signal!

Module #5 – The Hunt for Wild VOCs

Volatile Organic Compounds are chemicals that evaporate at room temperature and can be harmful to your health if you inhale them in high quantities or even low quantities over a period of time. In the Hunt for Wild VOCs students set out on a treasure hunt to identify possible sources of VOCs.  This video shows an “aha” moment when it is discovered an inkjet printer off-gases VOCs as it prints pages!

Module #6 – Lighten Up!

An optional challenge from Lesson #6!  Let’s dive into the near future and try to realize an ambitious mega project to place a lens in space. Sunlight can be focused to a point. If you place a huge mirror in space, you can direct light anywhere on earth. Focusing sunlight to the backside of the earth can be used to collect solar energy. This can be especially useful for places where solar panels are inefficient due to weather conditions or geographical location.

Camp License for Digital Download

This product, The Discovery of Data Camp, is provided to the purchaser under perpetual license for a single facility.  Here are the license terms in simple language, please contact us if you’d like to review the full license before purchasing.

  • This digital PDF mission guide can be printed unlimited times or used by any number of individuals on any number of devices within the facility, for example a school building.
  • When you purchase your copy, you will be presented with a download link and an order number.  Your order number is your license number for future reference.
  • If you would like to use it in another location or locations, please purchase additional licenses for those locations.
  • This material is licensed, not sold, so ownership is retained by the publisher, databot LLC.
  • You are expected to exercise reasonable practices to protect this content and its copyright from unlicensed distribution or use.

These are the basic guidelines for the digital download of the databot™ Discovery of Data Camp publication.  Contact us with any questions and best wishes!