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What is databot™?

databot™ is a low-cost, friendly and engaging all-in-one sensor device that combines 15 internal sensors, 1 external temperature probe (supports two simultaneous probes),  Bluetooth low energy wireless, and WiFi to provide a remarkably versatile educational tool for students from grades 4 and up.

  • Size: 42.5mm (1.67″) x 42.5mm x 20mm
  • Weight: 34 grams
  • Power: 3.3v Rechargeable LiPo

What's On Board?

  • External Temperature Probe
  • Humidity
  • UV Index
  • Ambient Light
  • Gesture
  • Color
  • CO2
  • VOC

In addition to the onboard sensors there are two ports for connecting external temperature probes as well as expansion ports for a variety of other 3rd party sensors.

What's On Board?

  • Air Pressure
  • Altimeter
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Magnetometer
  • Sound
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Inclinometer

Complete sensor specifications and datasheets can be seen in the Deep Geek section of our online Setup and Use Manual.   Check it out here!

How do I use databot™ for Science?

Out of the box databot™ is super simple to use for science teachers.  Simply install the Vizeey™ smart device app on your iOS or Android smart device or Chromebook and connect via Bluetooth.  Watch this 60 second video to see it in action. 

With the range of sensors included with databot™ you can teach a variety of activities from Earth Science, Physics, Chemistry, Life Science, and Environmental Science.  Visit our Lessons and Activities section to see examples.

How Do I use databot™ for CTE and STEM?

databot™ is the most versatile STEM device on the planet.  Out of the box it’s simple for science using the Vizeey™ app but for CTE and STEM programs it is completely programmable and hackable.  It includes programmable RGB LEDs, open ports for I2C and UART expansion, a full spectrum tone generator,  and more.  Learn more in our databot™ Basic Training section where you can find data sheets, technical details, Arduino setup instructions, our drag and drop coding environment, and much more!

What Grades and Ages are Appropriate?

databot™ is remarkably versatile and is appropriate for ages ranging from grades 4 and up.  

databot™- Innovative STEM Tool

Is databot™ good for Remote Learning?

Absolutely.  Since it is easy to use it is very friendly for at-home use.  It is also tough as nails, easy to clean, small and easy to ship and manage, and versatile enough to teach multiple science topics as well as STEM.

Read the STARBASE Austin Case Study to read how databot™ was used in a remote learning program that served 50 Girl Scouts in a virtual summer camp.

How Do I Set Up & Use My databot™?

Got a ‘Bot and need to get started?  Basic Training is the place to go!

databot™ Basics

Why is visualizing data in the world important?

Robert Grover, one of the creators of databot™, talks about how visualizing the invisible world of data around can change student perspectives.

What are your shipping and warranty policies?

You can find our complete policies on shipping, warranty, privacy, and taxes on our Policies Page.


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databot™ is revolutionizing STEM education. Inspire kids to understand and utilize the hidden world of data that surrounds us. Get started today!