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Our curriculum is organized into learning “modules” that provide a consistent, fast, and flexible format for STEM explorations whether you teach science, make things, or code like crazy. We recommend you do the ” databot™  Basic Training and read the “Modules Explained” section first, then dive in!

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databot™ Setup

Software, hardware, and how to’s!  databot™ Basic Training starts here newbies! Welcome to Team databot™! Bot Basics! Setup and Software Parts & Anatomy Using Arduino IDE Using Science Journal SD

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Modules Explained

databot curriculum modules are designed to be friendly, fun, and easy to use and share.    Curriculum Overview License Contributions Curriculum Modules Explained Activities for All The following outlines the

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Intro to Arduino

In this module, you’ll get to take a look at the wild and often wacky world of Arduino, explore projects that people have created and learn a little about how

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The Cave of Dogs

Tackle a CO2 science mystery hundreds of years old as we venture into the Cave of Dogs. The Cave of Dogs Overview PDQ 1 PDQ 2 Experiment Challenge Collaboration Print

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Ready, Set, Reaction!

Reactants, products, and fizzing fun all come together in this databot dive into the science behind chemical reactions! Ready, Set, Reaction! Overview PDQ 1 PDQ 2 Experiment Challenge Collaboration About

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Something in the Air

The air that you breathe in your house should be safe and sound!  Let’s check to make sure! Something in the Air Overview PDQ 1 PDQ 2 Experiment Challenge Collaboration

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You’re Getting Warmer!

CO2 here, there, and everywhere!  Too much of a good thing is not so good sometimes! You’re Getting Warmer Overview PDQ 1 PDQ 2 Experiment Challenge Collaboration About the Author

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Huff, puff, hop, hold, howl, and more in this exploration of CO2 and the human body! Breathe Overview PDQ 1 PDQ 2 Experiment Challenge Collaboration About the Author Scan this

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Design Challenges

Imagine, invent, create, test, and improve!  Design Challenges Overview PDQ 1 PDQ 2 Experiment Challenge Collaboration About the Author Stay tuned as we add more Design Challenges.  Contact us if

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Can You See the Music

What happens when we can “see” sound?! This module explores sound waves with activities in frequency, amplitude, and wavelength Can You See the Music? Overview PDQ 1 PDQ 2 Experiment

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Lighten Up!

Experiment with light in a variety of fun ways using databot™’s light sensor and software to analyze the differences between natural and artificial light, explore the differences in reflective surfaces,

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Science Journal Starters

Google Science Journal is an awesome tool for gathering all of your databot™ experiments into a colorful, interactive science notebook! Science Journal Resources Google Science Journal Science Journal Setup SJ

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Cool It Baby!

Cool beans! You will use databot’s™ external temperature probe to explore chemical reactions, your own body temperatures, differences in temperature from the air to depths in the ground, water temperature

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Up, Up and Away

You’ll explore altitude, earth’s aura, how altitude can be measured through atmospheric pressure, the effects of altitude on the human body, what’s going on as we move up through the

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Northern Lights Concert

Explore databot’s™ magnetic personality using the built-in magnetometer! You’ll visualize magnetic forces, determine direction by analyzing magnetic data, and play a game where you are challenged to make music based

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