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Our curriculum is organized into learning “modules” that provide a consistent, fast, and flexible format for STEM explorations whether you teach science, make things, or code like crazy. We recommend you do the ” databot™  Basic Training and read the “Modules Explained” section first, then dive in!

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Spin to Win

Physics and math are a beautiful thing as students explore the physics of the perfect football spiral, the rotating speed of a figure skater, inertia and dizziness, G forces, and

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Walk Like a Ninja

Exploration in 3 dimensions takes place as you learn the inner workings of databot™’s accelerometer. Once mastered, you will be challenged to crazy match-making games such as looking at motion

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I’ll Huff, and I’ll Puff

In this module you’ll meet Mr. CO2 using the databot™ air quality sensor! Activities related to exercise and CO2 production, micro-climate investigations, photosynthesis, the greenhouse effect and more provide a

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There’s a Storm a Brewin’

Bombogenesis and bomb cyclones, weather patterns, and even animal behaviors are affected by changes in air pressure. You will explore how air pressure is measured, how it changes with altitude,

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It Smells Like Rain

Can you say petrichor? Micro-climate explorations in humidity. Dew point, relative humidity, and the weather report become crystal clear and the day culminates with a rocking personal humidity experience in

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Green Spaces, Comfortable Places

Micro-climates provide an awesome opportunity for study in your own backyard. You’ll explore the variables that contribute to variances in local climate on a micro scale and hunt for examples

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Future’s So Bright

Ultraviolet light surrounds us and bathes us in radiation every time we walk out the door. In this module you’ll explore the different types of UV light and the light

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