databot Connects to – Dash and Dot!


One of the great things about databot.usa is that you can play and learn with anything and anyone on the planet! If you have a bunch of old robots or other materials (like dash an dot) in your closet, we can add some new life to those robots.


About the Dash and Dot robots

Dash and Dot is a set of educational robots designed by Wonder Workshop. These robots are designed for children to help them learn the basics of programming and computer science in a playful and interactive way. Here are some of the features of the Dash and Dot robots:

Dash: Dash is a mobile robot that is able to move according to user-generated commands. It has various sensors and is able to react to its environment. Dash has a variety of functions and features such as playing sounds, lighting, interacting with objects and more.

Dot: Dot is a more compact robot designed to play and interact with Dash. It also has some sensors and can perform certain actions in response to commands.

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How a databot can help

As previously mentioned, the inclusion of the databot empowers us to amplify the potential of each of these remarkable robots. With its integration, a world of captivating possibilities unfolds before us.

We embark on enthralling journeys of discovery, conducting experiments ranging from CO2 detection to the exploration of light and the precise measurement of temperature. Beyond these, a myriad of additional missions and experiments await our exploration, each offering unique insights and avenues for learning.

Delving into fascinating quests, we delve into the realms of acceleration, magnetic fields, humidity, and beyond, enriching our understanding of the world around us. To embark on these adventures, the essential component we require is the databot, readily available for purchase with just a simple click.

In our pursuit of excellence alongside the Dash and Dot robots, we have meticulously crafted mounts designed specifically for the databot. These mounts, tailored for seamless integration, are now accessible for free download at the provided link, ensuring our missions with Dash and Dot reach new heights of efficiency and effectiveness.

Vizeey app

During our research with the databot, we will use the Vizeey application. This amazing app instantly transfers data from the microcontroller directly to your smartphone, allowing you to instantly track changes in values. Imagine being able to monitor process dynamics in real time while you are deeply immersed in your experiment.

Join us on an exciting journey through one of our missions that requires you to master the control of a databot with pinpoint precision. Your task: program it so that it rotates at a speed of 10 revolutions per minute. In this challenge lies not only technical art, but also the art of management, bringing us new horizons of opportunity and achievement.