Science educator top ten - versatility.

The Top Ten Countdown for Science Educators!

Welcome to our top ten countdown in which we highlight the top ten reasons why databot is a “must-have” piece of equipment for your science programs whether they are at the elementary, middle, high school or higher education level.  databot provides your educators with a low floor – extremely high ceiling option for bringing a vast array of science explorations to life through interaction with live data.  Check out the top ten countdown and you can see why databot is a game changer!

Reason #10 - Two simultaenous Temperature Probe Readings!

Top ten countdown for science educators - 2 separate temperature probes are supported.

In the original databot version 1.0 we supported one temperature probe, but multiple customers from the field requested two as it provides so much opportunity for comparative experiments.  The result – behold, you can easily add a second temperature probe for only $10 and conduct all kinds of dual temperature experiments.


To see this in action, check out our recent Data Mystery blog which used dual temperature data to pose a mysterious scenario that students can work to solve strictly based on data.  This is an awesome data powered exploration of thermal transfer that students will never forget!

Reason #9 - So Many Sensors at Your Fingertips!

Vizeey real time data display.
Top ten countdown highlighting all 15 sensors on board databot.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit databot offers science educators is the plethora of sensors available on one single device.  No piles of separate sensors, no cables, confusing set up or use guidelines – just a clean, simple solution.  Turn on your databot, open your Vizeey app, tap an icon, and you are immediately streaming live sensor data on your display.  Explore the data with the built in data analysis tools or easily export this data set as a .csv file for analysis in other programs.   Monitor one or all sensors simultaneously!

Reason #8 - Tiny but Mighty!

Top ten science educator countdown - tiny but mighty databot requires little storage space.

Weighing in at 34 grams and only 3/4″ tall databot is a tiny, but mighty, science lab in the palm of your hand.  Imagine having access to the multitude of included sensors with such a small storage footprint.  A classpack of ten databots will easily fit in a desk drawer.  

In addition, the portability of these small devices makes them an extraordinary tool for sharing between departments or being available through a check out or loan program.  Since they are multi-purpose devices, one week they can be used for elementary science and the next week for high school chemistry.   

Reason #7 - Tough as Nails!!

Unlike other lab equipment and sensors databot was built to be classroom tough so it can easily be used by students in the classroom or on a field trip.  Using protective padding such as bubble wrap or loose paper, you can place databot into devices such as rockets, catapults, or high altitude balloons. The databot objective is to make scientific data from sensors friendly, accessible, and easy to use.  Once students become comfortable with the multitude of sensors available, they are empowered to begin creating their own experiments and conducting real science!

Top ten science educator reasons for using databot - it is tough as nails!

Reason #6 - Ease of Use

Science teacher top ten countdown - ease of use.

Never has it been easier to interact with live sensor data – you can literally be up and running with the Vizeey app in 60 seconds, connect to databot by bluetooth, and be streaming live experiment data to your hand with the touch of an icon.  

Science for K12 students should not be burdened with a lot of tedious, confusing overhead, and setup for teachers should be easy. databot makes hands on science explorations easy and fun.

Reason #5 - Affordability

A single databot kit costs $189.99 and includes all 16 sensors shown. Compare this to the cost of purchasing all of these sensors individually as probeware.  The cost difference is 8x to 10x less.   databot also provides free lessons and free software as well as a variety of free integrations to use other software and applications.

Science educator top ten countdown - affordability.

Reason #4 - Versatility

Science educator top ten - versatility.

databot is the most versatile STEM product on the planet and for science educators it is unmatched.  With this single device you have the ability to conduct explorations in physics, chemistry, life science, earth science and more.  It is easy enough to use to bring sensor explorations to elementary classrooms, but has extraordinary capabilities for high school and even university applications.  One device crosses grade levels and disciplines with ease!


Reason #3 - Access

Access to technology like databot has not been available for many science educators around the world due to cost and complexity. Low cost sensors require breadboarding or extensive DIY efforts to use. Traditional probeware is expensive and difficult to use – not a great fit for many learning environments.  databot is a new solution that breaks down the barriers of cost, durability, and ease of use to bring live sensor data science explorations to students all over the world.

Science educator top ten reasons to choose databot - access.

Reason #2 - Training

Science educator top ten reasons to choose databot.

During the initial design process for databot, one of the top criteria was to make it easy to use for teachers and to minimize the learning curve necessary to master it.  Although databot has tremendous depth, it is so easy to get educators up to speed on the basics of use that it is an extraordinary tool to minimize training requirements.  When other educational technology may be sitting in storage due to teacher turnover, educators can be up to speed and using databot in less than an hour.  

Reason #1 - Engaging Activities

Finally, the top reason why science educators should choose databot for their classroom?  The ACTIVITIES!   Check out the Free Sensor Starters and extraordinary experiences that have been designed to put students “inside” a live data experiment.  Whether they are running up and down stairs testing the accuracy of the altimeter and learning about air pressure, or leaping and cavorting trying to accomplish the highest level of acceleration possible, students never forget the scientific concepts they are introduced to using live data. Because databot is small, wireless, portable, and tough it can be used in environments and activities not accessible by students and teachers before!

Science educator top ten reasons to choose databot - engaging activities.

There is no educational technology on the planet that is a better value for educators looking to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and explorers to become world change agents!  One device empowers students to explore science phenomena in chemistry, physics, earth science, and life science with engaging lessons and activities. It is completely programmable with light, sound, and expansion ports for integration with other systems ranging from robots to drones. Truly .

Tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but rugged and versatile for all kinds of STEAM explorations you can launch it on a rocket, control a robot, create an interactive light show, fly a drone mission, collect environmental data, and so much more.   Join the databot™ revolution and begin your explorations today!