Camp databot™ - CO2 Science


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Camp databot™ – CO2 Science

Tough-as-nails, easily shipped, minimal parts to lose, and easily cleaned for the next round, databot™ is an extraordinary tool for educators seeking to provide engaging hands-on activities who may be studying from home. Check out our STARBASE Girl Scout case study to see how it’s been used in action.  Transform the way students see the world around them as they collect, view and experience data in this interdisciplinary exploration of CO2 spanning activities in chemistry, life science, and earth science! 

Using the databot CO2 sensor in combination with temperature, humidity, light and more students discover that we interact with carbon dioxide in many ways doing engaging, hands-on activities ranging from building a model lung to simulating a cave-science mystery that is over 300 years old! Tested with students in multiple environments databot™ truly makes it a snap for students to explore scientific phenomenon at home in a virtual program or in the classroom.

Grades: 4-8
Number of Students: Up to 30 (in groups)
Recommended Environments:

  • Perfect for Virtual Camps and at-home Experimenting!
  • Summer Camps
  • Classrooms
  • After-school Programs
  • Home-school Cooperatives

Curriculum Hours: 24+

What’s Included

Camp databot™ CO2 Science comes with everything you need to start exploring CO2 and the hidden world of data immediately! It also includes individual cases for each databot™ to provide an easily shipped and stored single unit to make logistics a snap if you’re sending them home with students.

  • databot™ – 10
  • Detailed instructions for accessing and installing the Phyphox science sensor visualization app (IOS/Android/Chromebook). Students will require a smart device to connect to databot™ and visualize and record data from the associated experiments.
  • 8 GB Micro SD Card – 10
  • Micro SD Card Reader – 10
  • Mini USB Charging/Coding Cable -10
  • External Temperature Probe – 10
  • Industrial Velcro Pad – 10
  • Removable Base Plate – 10
  • Lanyard – 10
  • Soft Shell Storage Case – 10
  • All 5 Camp databot Curriculum and Modules that each includes:
    • Complete background information, references, and explanatory resources for instructors.
    • Detailed instructions on how to execute the lessons including illustrative videos and images.
    • All materials are online making them accessible from home or the classroom.

Check out the Tech Specs to see all sensors and features included in databot™!

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 13.5 × 7.5 × 6 in

How to Use databot™

It’s never been easier to engage students with fun, hands on activities.  Simply connect databot™  to your iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or phone, or Chromebook using a sensor science app called phyphox.  You can literally be up and running with databot™ in just a few minutes!  See how in this quick video!


Camp databot™ – CO2 Science is comprised of 5 curriculum modules that each include 2+ hours of core activities plus an additional 2+ hours of optional challenge and group collaboration extensions. Below is the Curriculum  Module sequence recommended for CO2 Science which can be conducted over the course of week either virtually or in person.

Module 1 –  The Cave of Dogs

Explore Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and the properties of gases in fun and interesting ways as we create, capture, and study CO2 in a quest to solve a mystery that is hundreds of years old.

Module 2 – Ready, Set, Reaction!

Reactants, products, and fizzing fun all come together in this databot™ dive into the science behind chemical reactions!  Join databot™ as we stir up some chemical fun that provides insight into the invisible world of chemistry that surrounds us.

Module 3 – Breathe

Meet your body, the amazing machine! Prepare to hop, howl, hold your breath and watch databot™ take a fantastic voyage into the human lung in an exploration of human respiration!

Module 4 – Getting Warmer

Global warming, climate change, and the carbon we all share!

Module 5 – Something’s in the Air

Environmental and citizen scientists unite in the exciting exploration of CO2 sources and its effects on the environment.

Tech Specs


databot™ ships pre-configured to work with an app called Phyphox.  Requirements for running this software:  

  • IOS devices including iPads and iPhones.
  • Android devices including smart phones and tablets
  • Chromebooks capable of running Android Apps from the Google Play Store

See the setup video on how to use Phyphox with databot™ for more details.

Going Beyond Phyphox – databot is Programmable!

databot™ is pure Arduino based fun. If you aren’t familiar with Arduino, you can take our Intro to Arduino course to learn a little bit about it. There are many ways to talk to databot™ using standard Arduino tools which you can learn about in our setup guide.

Sensors Onboard
  • Air Pressure
  • Altitude
  • Humidity
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Magnetometer
  • Ultraviolet (UV)
  • Light (Lux)
  • CO2 and VOCs
  • Microphone
Additional Features

Speaker for Sound Output
Code databot™ to squeak, beep and chirp based on data it receives.

Programmable Display LEDs
Create interactive light displays or use the pre-built programs to light up databot™ in exciting ways!

SD Card Writer
Log data. You are limited only by the size of your SD card to the data you want to capture!

Mini USB Connection
Charge and program. Simple and efficient – one databot™, one cable.

Wireless transmission of live data using BLE. Visualize real data in real-time on the big screen in the front of the classroom. Play catch with databot™ and watch the numbers!

Rechargeable Battery
250 mAh LiPo battery built in. No batteries to purchase, no extra expenses, no hassle. Just pure databot™ fun!

Temperature Probe
Connect an external temperature probe via 2.5mm stereo jack input. Plug in the included waterproof temperature probe to instantly gain access to live data for chemistry, life science, and environmental studies.

External Analog & Digital Sensors
databot™ LOVES data. The more sensors the merrier so we added this simple 2.5 mm stereo jack input port for connecting additional analog or digital sensors.

I2C Sensors
Did we say databot™ LOVES data? I2C enables databot to daisy chain hundreds of additional sensors via a 3.5mm stereo jack input.

Robot Connections
Built-in case connections for LEGO® and fischertechnik® elements. Connect databot™ to your favorite robot and start running data collection missions!

Detachable Baseplate
Also included is a plate for adding a Velcro attachment that enables databot™ to hitch a ride on drones, cars, hot air balloons, bikes, skateboards, pogo sticks and so much more!

Deep Geek

Attention geeks, hackers, coders, makers, inventors, and other movers and shakers interested in the nuts and bolts of databot. Below you will find a quick summary of data and specifications. For in-depth details visit our Deep Geek page.

  • I2CMPU-9250I2C: Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) includes Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Gyro, operating temperature.  Address (I2C)
  • MPL-3115A2I2C: Precision Altimeter for Air Pressure, Altitude, Operating Temperature. Address (I2C)
  • SGP-30: Sensirion Gas Platform for CO2/VOCs. Address (I2C)
  • SHTC3: Sensirion Digital Humidity Sensor for Humidity and Operating Temperature. Address (I2C)
Light and Sound
  • VEML-6075: Ultraviolet Sensor for UVA and UVB. Address (I2C)
  • ADMP-401: Omnidirectional Microphone for Sound. Address (A0)
  • APDS-9301: Miniature Ambient Light Photosensor for Light (lux). Address (I2C)
  • MicroSD Writer: Internal MicroSD Card Writer for Data Storage. Address (I2C)
  • HM11 Bluetooth Module: Bluetooth Module for Wireless Communications. Address (I2C)
External Ports
  • DS18B20: Dedicated 2.5mm Stereo Jack provides Waterproof Temperature Probe. Address (D4)
  • 2.5mm stereo port: Open A/D 2.5mm Stereo Jack provides Open Expansion for Analog and Digital Sensors. Address (ADC2)
  • I2C3.5mm stereo port: Open I2C 3.5mm Stereo Jack provides Open Expansion for I2C Devices. Address (I2C)
  • BusBoard LED Strip: Programmable LED Strip includes Programmable Indicator. Address (A3)
  • 250mAh LiPo: Internal, Rechargable LiPo Battery is the Primary Power Supply

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