The Cave of Dogs


Step up to a CO2 challenge with your partner.



20-30 minutes

Grab a partner and prepare to demonstrate your knowledge of CO2 and
gas behaviors to create controlled patterns of data displays.  Good luck!


Carbon dioxide is all around us.  It’s in the air we breathe,  substances that react with one another,  volcanic fumes, auto emissions, and even in the breath we exhale.  In short, it’s all over the place!   Now that you know how to read CO2 data and you understand some of its characteristics it’s time to take on the ultimate challenge.  Using all your scientific knowledge join with a partner and demonstrate your ultimate control over CO2 levels.   Good luck


Understand and Recognize:

  • Gases have weight, and different gases are heavier or lighter than others.
  • CO2 is:
    • an invisible and odorless gas
    • deadly to animals in concentrated amounts
    • heavier than air
    • varying in levels in the air around us depending on many factors

What You'll Need

  • IOS or Android smart device with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to connect to databot™
  • databot™ + Phyphox App installed on your IOS or Android smart device.
  • A source of CO2
  • Your knowledge of CO2 and its behavior.
  • Your imagination!I


  • Complete the PDQs and Experiment to clearly understand the dynamics of CO2
  • Successful completion of the Challenge activity helps prepare you for this one!

Collaboration (25 Mins)



Your challenge is to create a data display that displays regular CO2 increases in intervals such that your data graph looks like a set of stairs. 

Your challenge is to get as many stairs in your “staircase” as possible – can you beat all the other teams?

Awesome! This concludes your Cave of Dogs adventure.

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Educator Info

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